Anna Dick Gambucci, M. Ed. in Family Education, grew up in N. Newton, KS, daughter of divorced Mennonite parents, immersed in the arts and church.  She attended Bethel College before finishing her degree and pursuing music professionally in Minnesota.  Anna met and married her first real love (raised Catholic!), and within 5 years became a mother of two.  She shocked herself by staying home to raise them.  Disconnected from most who questioned status quo parenting, community and culture, Anna sought to re-create for her children the politically-liberal-yet-personally-conservative, pacifist Mennonite culture of her childhood.  That became quite the radical launching pad.  Anabaptist martyrs, Sunday school teachers, relatives, and Jesus himself taught her to speak truth to power--not just to children.  Anna has repeatedly done so in the arenas of gender, GLBT, and racial equity; gun violence prevention; play culture of boys; and corporate/media messaging; worker rights; and environmental advocacy.

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