Reinhild Kauenhoven Janzen is professor emerita of art history at Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. Between 1983 and 1993 she was curator of cultural history at Kauffman Museum, North Newton, Kansas. Her publications in Mennonite material culture and art also include contributions to the online version of Mennonitisches Lexikon ( In addition her scholarly activity includes the Northern Renaissance in Europe and African arts. She was co-author, with John M. Janzen, of Do I still Have a Life? Voices from the Aftermath of War in Rwanda and Burundi, University of Kansas Series in Anthropology, vol. 20, June 2000. Most recently her long-time research in the area of the history of art in healthcare settings is reflected in her introductory essay “Betwixt and Between, Liminal Spaces in Healing”, in A Waiting Room of One’s Own, Sarah Smarsh, ed., The Waiting Room Project, 2011.

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