In this issue we celebrate the new Global Mennonite History Project (GMHP). That project has many roots, one of which is the vision of Edmund G. Kaufman, former president of Bethel College. In 1980 when Kaufman died at age 88, one of the unfinished projects on his desk was a sequel to a book he had written half a center earlier, The Development of the Missionary and Philanthropic Interest among the Mennonites of North America (1931). Kaufman's unfinished dream of an updated world Mennonite history is now being fulfilled in ways past his imagining.

The new global Mennonite history will appear in five volumes, with special emphasis upon the viewpoint of Mennonite churches outside of Europe and North America. The first three volumes are being written by authors from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The goal is to have the first two volumes completed by August 2003 in time for the 14th Mennonite World Conference in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The Mennonite World Conference is sponsoring the project. John A. Lapp is the coordinator of GMHP. His article surveying the goals and progress of the project first appeared in the February 2001 issue of the Mennonite Historical Society Newsletter and is reprinted here by permission.