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A health care crisis in the United States prompts the featured forum in this issue of Mennonite Life. How should Mennonites respond to the problems of financing adequate health care? Does the communitarian tradition of conservative Amish and Mennonites have some answers for us? Fred Fransen’s essay, A Two Kingdoms Approach to Health Care, argues that Anabaptists, following the Amish, should provide for their own health care needs, while lobbying not for government insurance for all, but rather government provisions that would more easily allow the self-insurance of Mennonites in their community. Fransen argues for state-level libertarianism, and faith-community communitarianism. It is a visionary proposal that allows readers to think about foundational values as well as practical possibilities.

Four distinguished scholars respond—James Harder, Herman Bontrager, Joseph Kotva and Tim Jost (the latter two collaborating). Their critiques raise issues of theology as well as of feasibility. Mennonites are integrated into the American health care system in ways that challenge their foundational values. Once again we reflect on the relevance of Amish resistance to modernity.