Sam Hart speaking near the original Darlington mission site, Mar. 30 (Juhnke)

Cheyenne group with John Sharp,
under the brush arbor constructed over the stage (Juhnke)

Walking at the Washita massacre site, Mar. 31(Juhnke)

Lawrence Hart speaking at Washita site, Mar. 31 (Juhnke)

Mark Jantzen speaking, Mar. 31 (Sharp)

John Gaeddert and Lawrence Hart with Gaeddert's buffalo sculpture presented to Hart, Mar. 31 (Sharp)

Speaker Clyde Ellis with listeners, Apr. 1 (Juhnke)

Five chiefs blessing "Return to the Earth" site at Cheyenne Cultural Center, Apr. 1 (Juhnke)

Jim Juhnke speaking, Apr. 1 (Sharp)

Color guard at dance demonstration, Apr. 1 (Juhnke)

Drummers at dance, Apr. 1 (Sharp)

Shield dance, Apr. 1 (Juhnke)



Willis Busenitz preaching Sunday morning, Apr. 2 (Sharp)