Our Fall issue begins with a continued offering of presentations and further scholarship emerging from the spring conference Cheyenne, Arapaho, Mennonite: Journey from Darlington, sponsored by the Historical Committee of the Mennonite Church USA. We include an additional article on a special topic of Lutheran-Anabaptist understandings through time as well as our regular features.

The first two articles in this issue focus upon the lives of Cheyenne women through different methodological lenses. Part life writing, part oral history, "Corn Stalk," by Raylene Hinz-Penner, offers a glimpse of the individual and communal life of a Cheyenne woman. This chapter is from Searching for Sacred Ground: The Journey of Chief Lawrence Hart, Mennonite; while not presented at the Clinton conference, this research was part of Hinz-Penner's interest in becoming part of the organizing committee for the conference. This book will appear as part of the C. Henry Smith Series, volume 7: watch for its release on January 15, 2007, by Cascadia Publishing House.

The Selected Ones: Uncovering the Peaceful Women's History of the Southern Cheyenne, by Kimberly D. Schmidt, draws upon interviews and the documentary record to study a wide range of concerns and peace issues for Cheyenne women during the nineteenth century.