In the spring of 2007 a Mennonite history tour group visited sites in the Ukraine and Uzbekistan in quest of memories of the "Great Trek" of 1880-1884. The pilgrims of 1880 had migrated eastward to find land to cultivate, exemption from military service, and a place of refuge from the tribulations expected before the return of Jesus Christ. The 2007 tour was an event of both historical and spiritual discovery. In this issue are essays by members of the 2007 tour—Duane Friesen, Walter Friesen, James Juhnke, and Jesse Nathan—each reflecting on some dimension of the experience. An initial essay, by historian Dilaram Inoyatova of the National University of Uzbekistan in Tashkent, presents the story of the Mennonite settlement of Ak Metchet near Khiva, Uzbekistan, from a Central Asian point of view.